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Mary Burke’s Equestrian Partners  ~

“Every horse I have had the privilege of showing has taught me valuable lessons, and enriched me both as a person and as a rider. Without owners, volunteers and supporters in this sport, my dreams would come to a screeching halt! The faces you have seen throughout this web site and in the following pages truly are BRF heroes. Thank you for your unwavering support of our program, and most importantly for allowing me to ride your phenomenal horses and entrusting me with their care!”
     ~ Mary Burke

Burkeridge Farms

Prince William aka "Joey"

(Owned by Mary Burke)

2002 Thoroughbred Gelding

Prince William aka “Joey” is exciting to ride every time I get into the saddle. This extraordinary horse has the mental attitude and work ethic of a true world class athlete that inspires me to give him my all. Joey has exceeded our expectations and has competed to the Advanced and 3 star international level. He is a top cross country horse and fans love to watch his powerful and expressive gallop across cross country fields and his tremendous show jumping scope and ability.

Prince William USEA Record
  2016 Area - 7 “Horse Of The Year Champion” for both the Advanced and Intermediate levels.
  1st Place, CIC 3-Star, Woodside International Horse Trial.
  1st Place, Advanced, Aspen Farms Horse Trial.
  2nd Place, Intermediate Open, Caber Farm Horse Trial.
  7th Place, CIC 3-Star, Event At Rebecca Farm.
  1st Place, Advanced/Intermediate, Whidbey Island Horse Trial.
  2nd Place, CIC 2-Star, Aspen Farm Horse Trial.
  2016 Area - 7 “Horse Of The Year Champion” for both the Advanced and Intermediate levels.
  4th Place, CIC 2-Star, Woodside International Horse Trial.
  1st Place, Advanced, Aspen Farm Horse Trial.
  1st Place, Intermediate Championships, Caber Farm Horse Trial.
  2016 Area - 7 “Horse Of The Year Champion” for both the Advanced and Intermediate levels.

Mary Burke & Prince William, 7th at CCI 3 star, Dressage @ Galway Downs International Event

Mary Burke & Prince William, 7th at CCI 3 star, XC Jumping @ Galway Downs International Event

Mary Burke & Prince William, Winning at CIC 3 star, Show Jumping @ the Woodside International Event

Burkeridge Farms

1st Place, Advanced,                                       1st Place, CIC 3-Star,        
Aspen Farms Horse Trial.                                      Woodside International.         

     Galaway Downs                                           CIC 3-Star, Event At
   International, CA.                                             Rebecca Farm, MT.

CIC 3-Star, Event             CIC 3-Star,                   1st Place CIC 3-Star,              
At Rebecca Farm.            Woodside, CA.                         Woodside, CA.                  

Area 7 Year End                     1st Place,         
  Awards.                      Advanced, Aspen.

Burkeridge Farms

Finnegan aka “Finn”

(Owned by Brad Patterson ridden by Mary Burke)

2009 Percheron / Thoroughbred Gelding

Finnegan is as sweet as they come. Mary purchased “Finn” as a 5 year old prospect suitable for Brad Patterson to continue his riding experience on. This talented Percheron, Thoroughbred cross is currently working his way up the levels in Eventing and he has been an honor to train and show for Brad. After just a few months of training, Finnegan developed into the perfect horse for Brad. Every amateur owner should have a Finnegan! He is good hearted, patient, and above all, loves to be pampered by Brad and Mary.

Finnegan USEA Record
  1st Place, Donida jumper show 3’3’’
  1st Place, Donida jumper show 3’3’’
  1st Place, Donida jumper show 3’3’’
  2nd Place, Open training, Equestrian Institute H.T.
  3rd Place, Open novice, Spokane Sport Horse H.T.

Mary Burke Equestrian Institute Horse Trial

"My name is Brad Patterson and I am now what some may call a Senior Rider. I started riding at the age of 19 and continued for 30 plus years.  Three years ago I found myself reevaluating my life after being out of the saddle for at least 15 years. Something was missing in my life and it didn’t take me long to realize it was my love for horses, barns, the smell of leather and hay that I sorely missed. I purchased a new horse and quickly realized that I needed a very reputable barn and instructor. Serendipity through a mutual horse friend introduced me to Mary Burke and I quickly drove up to Ellensburg to “interview” her barn to see whether my new horse and I would be a good fit. My first impression of Burkeridge Farm was excellent. The property was very well maintained, the barn immaculate, the riding rings professionally groomed and the hayfields beautiful and most importantly the horses were very well attended to. I have now been a student of Mary Burke for four years and look forward to each of my weekly lessons with her. I am now on my second horse which Mary found for me and I could not be happier. He is in full board and training besides being expertly shown by Mary at three day events around the state.  I recommend Mary Burke and Burkeridge Farm without hesitation. As an added plus you also get the pleasure of knowing her hardworking husband Richard who is a full time fireman in Issaquah, WA and a full time barn hand on the weekends at Burkeridge Farm doing whatever is needed." ~ Brad Patterson

Burkeridge Farms

Out Of The Blue aka “Devlin”

(Owned by Krisalyn Brown trained by Mary Burke)

2005 Oldenburg Gelding

Devlin was bought as a new horse for young rider Katie Brown to transition to from her show pony Linoleum. Katie has ridden with Mary from age 5 to 12 and competed on her pony from grasshopper level to the novice level successfully. She is now ready to take her riding skills to the next level with this talented Oldenburg. Mary competed Devlin for the first half of 2017 and Katie was able to successfully take over for the rains at the end of the season with a win at her first beginner novice show with him. We are so excited for her and Devlin's’ next show season together.

Out Of The Blue USEA Record
  1st Place, Open Novice, Whidbey Island H.T.
  1st Place, Novice, Equestrian Institute H.T.
  4th Place, Novice, Spokane Sport horse H.T.
  5th Place, Novice Championships, Aspen Farm H.T.

Mary Burke & Out Of The Blue, Open Novice Dressage @ Whidbey Island

Mary Burke & Out Of The Blue, Open Novice Cross Country @ Whidbey Island

Mary Burke & Out Of The Blue, Open Novice Show Jumping @ Whidbey Island

Burkeridge Farms

Burkeridge Farm Sale Horses

Das Apollo aka “Apollo”

2009, 16.2 Hand, Oldenburg, Gelding

$40,000.00 Sold

Fabulous opportunity for an advanced amateur, young rider or professional looking for their next dressage show horse. This incredibly handsome and eye catching horse is currently schooling second and third level elements, passage and piaffe with assistance from the ground and does his single changes with ease. Apollo is a 9 year old, Oldenburg gelding whose average dressage scores have been consistently between 71% - 80% at first and second level. He has received marks of nines and tens  for his trot and walk work. A pre-sales vetting was done by Dr. Rachel Gottlieb at Northwest Equine Performance on March 30, 2018. He is currently qualified for the GAIG/USDF regional dressage championships.

Recommended Rider Type:

  • New owner should possess the physical riding strength to complement this horse’s level of suspension and self carriage.
  • Established amateur or young rider who is in a structured training program with a dressage professional.

Burkeridge Farms


2013, 16.1 Hand, Oldenburg, Gelding

$20,000.00 Sold

Fabulous opportunity for a Serious Intermediate dressage rider that is looking for a special, young, dressage prospect... This exceptionally good looking and kind hearted Appaloosa / Warmblood cross is a barn favorite and as sweet as they come. It is hard to find horses that are quiet minded but forward thinking, a supple mover, and three nice gaits but Kingston fits the bill. He is currently working on first level and shows potential for much more. He has been exceptionally quiet when taken to new facilities and does not shy from unusual surroundings. He was originally purchased as a resale prospect and is now ready to start the New Year with an intermediate rider who is looking for a special show horse or partner for 2019. Pre-purchase exam was done by Northwest Equine Performance vet clinic with clean flexion test and radiographs of feet, back, hocks, & stifles to help set sales price. Available for purchase at 1/2 off.

Video link: https://youtu.be/haNcu6_SCUY

Recommended Rider Type:

  • New owner should possess the physical riding strength and balance to compliment this horse's level of elasticity and straightness.
  • Established amateur or young rider who is in a structured training program with a dressage professional to support this horse's future development.

Burkeridge Farms

Night Scape “Chance”

2008, 17.1 Hand, Percheron/Thoroughbred, Gelding

$19,500.00 Sold

Are you a tall male or female rider looking for a big, kind sport horse!

This big handsome boy has a lot of potential for an intermediate rider, involved in a program, or an advanced intermediate rider. Chance is a 17.1 hand, 11 years old, Percheron/Thoroughbred gelding that was used as a breeding stallion for the first part of his life before being turned into a sport horse. Chance has proven to have a wonderful personality, quiet mind, is quick to learn and enjoys being ridden. He is great in new environments and loves to jump. In addition to jumping, He has excelled in dressage. 2018 was his first dressage recognized show season with a junior rider who trains with Mary Burke in Ellensburg, Washington. In their first season, he qualified for the USDF Regional Dressage Championships and won the Junior Training Level Devision with a score of 70% just this last September. Current owner is in college and has decided to sell this lovely boy who has a lot to offer as a Eventer, Dressage Sport Horse or Amateur Jumper. He has been in training with Mary Burke for the last 30 days and is ready to find his next owner. Chance has never been lame and has a Vet report and X-Rays from 5/2016.

Video link: https://youtu.be/J5g23skHbEA

Recommended Rider Type:

  • New owner should possess the physical riding strength to complement this horse’s size and self carriage.
  • Established amateur or young rider who is in a structured training program with a dressage professional.
  • Tall man or woman to compliment his size.

Burkeridge Farms

Dragonfly “Fly”

2009, 15.1 Hand, Oldenburg, Gelding

$25,000.00 Sold

Exceptional young horse for a small rider that wants to excel in dressage or eventing. Fly was rated number one in the 2009 Oldenburg inspection due to his expressive trot and canter. He won the Rebecca Farm Future Event Horse division and has shown great potential at the novice level this season in eventing.

Video link: https://youtu.be/hjZQdh5IBVo

Burkeridge Farms

Esprit-De-Corps: Barn Name “Tucker”
Confirmed One - Star Event Horse
$25,000.00 Sold

Tucker is a confirmed One-Star Event horse that is ready for a new owner who will enjoy him as much as his current owner has. He is a 14 year old, 16.1 hand, TB gelding who has an amazing temperament, show record and experience to take an amateur or young rider to the next level. Recent show accomplishments include winning the 2008 Open Preliminary Championships at the American Eventing Championships in Chicago, held at Lamplighter Equestrian Center; second in the CCI One-Star at Rebecca Farms in Montana; and Area VII Year-End Preliminary Champion, all with trainer-owner-rider Mary Burke. Tucker and Mary have exclusively trained with two time Olympian Amy Tryon and Lexi Lind at Maple Leaf Eventing in Duvall, Washington for 8 years. He has passed a pre-sales vetting by Dr. Mark Revenaugh, DVM on July 30th 2009. Current X-rays are available upon request, serious inquires only please.

Esprit-De-Corps: Barn Name Tucker         Esprit-De-Corps: Barn Name Tucker

Sold: Esprit-De-Corps was sold to Kaylyn Schabe from West Linn, Oregon. Kaylyn trains with Julie Hook at Talisman Farm in Aurora, Oregon.

Burkeridge Farms

Confirmed Beginner Novice Event Pony
$5,500.00 Sold

Freckles is a talented, 5yo POA pony looking for a special child or small adult to expand his show career in eventing, dressage, or show jumping. He is 13.2 hands and would complement a person of five foot two or smaller due to his relaxed big trot and rhythmical canter (the adult rider in picture is five feet four inches). He has been trained by Mary Burke and competed by Mara Campbell. Freckles placed second at his first recognized event at Donida Farms in the Beginner Novice division, and is ready to start the show season with an advanced beginner or intermediate rider in eventing, dressage, or show jumping.

Freckles         Freckles

Sold: Freckles was sold to Theresa Bujuach from Issaquah, Washington.

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